Streaming Policy

Hi, we're pleased that you'd like to stream one of our games.

In general you're free to take screenshots, record, stream, and post any content you create while playing. You cannot simply re-upload any of our existing media without change. The following guidelines set out the details:


You may create, upload and stream videos on live streaming websites using our games, but only on content which has been officially released to the public. This includes content posted on our website and early access titles, but excludes private alphas or betas. Content from pre-release media or press copies of games can be used so long as you comply with any official embargo date.

You must include your own creative input when using our content. This includes adding commentary, editing, overlays, or using sections of content within a larger video. You are not permitted to make videos that just contain mere copies of our content with no major changes. You are not allowed to simply re-upload any of our existing video content, except for images and videos contained in a presskit.


You may monetise videos on live streaming websites using our games, but only with the authorized monetization methods (such as advertising and partner programs) or in sponsored videos. Other forms of monetization using our content are not permitted, including providing access to our content for payment of any kind or licensing our content for a fee of any kind.


You are not permitted to imply or state that your videos are officially affiliated with, sponsored, endorsed, or approved by It's Anecdotal unless prior written approval is provided.


Please consider labelling your content if it includes spoilers for story content, so that viewers who prefer to avoid them can do so.


It's Anecdotal reserves the right to change these guidelines as necessary at any time.

If you have questions that weren't answered in this policy, please contact